Farm Lot 59 is a 1-acre biodynamic farm located at 2714 California Ave, Long Beach CA 90807

We believe in the direct connection between farmer and consumer. Local farming makes it possible to distribute fresh and pesticide free produce to local consumers. The consumer who buys direct from the farm enjoys fresh, ethically and responsibly farmed products that are considered more nutritious because of their freshness. Consumers also share a sense of ownership in the farm that is growing their food. Consumers will have the opportunity to see where their food comes from and know exactly who grew it. We are trying to create an urban/ rural connection within the local community and Farm Lot 59 will accomplish this in Long Beach.

Farm Lot 59 also serves as an educational resource for the Long Beach community. Children, along with their parents and teachers with their students can come and learn about urban farming and earth’s ecosystems. A designated children’s garden is currently being designed, where the plants will be identified with their nutritional information as well as alternate uses. Children will be able to meet chickens, explore the farming operation, and identify beneficial bugs and flowers. This area will feature a design specifically for children, with everything sized to fit smaller hands and bodies. We are also designing and seeking funding for an outdoor kitchen where cooking and nutrition classes can be held. For both adults and children, obesity is on the rise, although greatly preventable. Nutrition education is an important component to the Farm, starting children off young eating their fruits and vegetables, learning how to shop on a budget and preparing meals at home.

Farm Lot 59 an urban farm that creates local green jobs , training and educational opportunities that provides local, healthy fresh food on a historically significant site, is just the creative, innovative project that Long Beach needs. Farm Lot 59 will make a difference and by combining resources with the city, local partners and friends, the vision of eating well and living healthy lives will be possible in Long Beach. Farm Lot 59 is the future of sustainable communities and for food security for us and our children.